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Boulder City Ghost Town

Eighteen miles east of Bonners Ferry, in the shadow of Katka Mountain and above Boulder Creek lay Boulder City Ghost Town.

In the late 1800s, Idaho Gold and Radium Mining Company President, J.M.Schnatterly, founded Boulder City, also known as Ruby City, during the gold rush era.

Boulder City sits precariously on the southern edge of a sheer gorge that drops into Boulder Creek. The city had an estimated population of 150 people with approximately 60 buildings along the banks of Boulder Creek.

Schnatterly controlled about 3,500 acres of land there in the Cabinet Mountain range and had water rights to Boulder Creek and its tributaries. Tons of gravel was washed from the canyon walls in those years, but little of the gold or rubies, which were really garnets, were ever discovered. The Idaho Gold and Ruby Mining Company separated gold from gravel in a unique and modern process for its time but as remarkable as this mine was it only managed to extract $150 in gold after 15 years. Tales of the fist sized rubies found no doubt kept the town growing at that time.

This is the legacy of Boulder City, an Idaho Gold and Ruby Mining Company town. Limited remains on site.

Access from County Road 24 east of Bonners Ferry turn left on to Forest Road No. 314.